No water,

No life,

No blue,

No green.

-Sylvia Earle

Cynthia Cooper is a potter. a teacher. a communicator. a facilitator. an environmentalist. a motivator. a business owner.

Cindy Cooper is a professional clay artist working in Goshen, IN since 1992. She received a Lilly Grant entitled, “Dive Down to Change the Coral Reefs through Art.”  Inspired by her underwater photography of the coral reefs, the high fired bas-reliefs on large jars give the viewer an experience of environmental awareness and the unique beauty of the reefs.


Save the reefs, one piece at a time.


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Cynthia Cooper spent 24 years as an art teacher at Goshen High School and inspired many of her students to pursue their own careers in the arts. Cynthia is retired now, but continues offering education through workshops, lessons and speaking engagements.